InnoSewa is ITES based company which works for the empowerment of Remote Services and helps you in achieving your goals by tackling your IT Stuff, when you outsource remote IT work. You can focus on building your core areas without compromising on customer service and support. In this way, you can utilize your own resources better. Outsourcing remote tech support also helps you keep your investments on infrastructure at a minimum. By adopting this strategy, you can better survive in today’s increasingly challenging marketplace.

Remote Desktop services

It includes all-inclusive computer network set-up, including hardware and software requirements, together with Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam measures using Remote Desktop Protocol.

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Multi Media Services

In Multimedia Services, we are currently supporting in key services like Email Template, Flyer design, Newsletter Design, Audio/video Media, White board Animations, Graphical Design, and Video Editing etc.

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Virtual Class

With Virtual Class we provide training and education programs at affordable prices in following areas: application training, academics training and Corporate/professional Training on various topics related to corporate.

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Content Writing

Content is more than words on a page – it includes images and videos as well. Need a content strategy to help you produce cornerstone content?

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Web Services

In Web Services, we are expert in Website Design, Development, Server Maintenance, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Marketing, Virtual Private Server(VPS) management etc.

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Data Processing

Outsourcing data entry projects can reduce the need for costly hardware and software expenditures, technical maintenance and staff recruitment and training.

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