LearnIt is a concept introduced by InnoSewa. It provides different options for learning, providing guidance for carrier selection, clearance of roadblocks in learning using different available tools & technologies.

It’s a question answer platform where a student / user can ask any question which comes to his / her mind. Our team of experts will answer those questions for free & provide answer below asked question so that student does not have to search again and again. A student can also go through published questions which are asked by other students & learn from it.

A user can ask any type of question related to academics, IT technology, programming languages which are supported by our experts (mentioned in category selection).

In case student is not able to understand answer properly or he need more clarity he can join our online class with a nominal fee, using session-based subscription (per question / hour), monthly subscription or yearly subscription.

You can use any available tool like: WhatsApp video calling, Skype, Google Meet, JIO Meet etc to attend our classes.