Our Multimedia Services Include:

  • Email Template design
  • Flyer Design for Event or Organization
  • Newsletter Design
  • Audio/Video Media
  • Video Editing
  • White Board Animation

Flyer Design:

Flyers may be used by individuals, businesses, not-for-profit organizations or governments to:

  • Advertise an event such as a music concert, nightclub appearance, festival, or political rally.
  • Promote goods-selling businesses such as a used car lot discount store or a service business such as a restaurant or massage parlous.
  • Persuade people about a social, religious, or political message, as in evangelism or political campaign activities on behalf of a political party or candidate during an election. Flyers have been used in armed conflict: for example, airborne leaflet propaganda has been a tactic of psychological warfare.
  • Recruit members for organizations or companies.

Like postcardspamphlets and small postersflyers are a low-cost form of mass marketing or communication. There are many different flyer formats. Some examples include:

  • A4 (roughly letterhead size)
  • A5 (roughly half letterhead size)
  • DL (compliments slip size)
  • A6 (postcard size)

Audio-Video Media:

When customers enter your place of business, they are in essence entering your home; the place where they will feel comfortable as they shop, dine or relax. Music and video custom tailored to your customer’s well-being will establish an environment as comfortable for them as if they were invited guests to your home and will make their experience more enjoyable now and in the future.

We concern ourselves with the delivery of music and video to establish the ambience you desire for your customers or clients. We offer commercial audio and video services, equipment, design, and other solutions which help your business connect with your customers.